Thank you to everyone who has stopped by, I will be back soon, just got a little bogged down with the new book, stick with me please.

Welcome to my site! Thank you for stopping by, if you have a little time, linger and we can get to know each other a little more. If not pop back later or drop me an email. If you think you know me, you possibly do. Please say hello.

I Love to write, if it happened, I will write about it, if it didn’t happen I will still write about it. I am not very disciplined, I just go where the writing takes me, I am completely obsessed by how we are driven by our emotions and how little conscious control we have over our body, how the brain works totally on its own fascinates me.

My site name’s Drip of Inspiration’ comes from the very essence of our being. We are hard-wired to reproduce and survive. To survive we need water. If we have water we can thrive, if we thrive we can reproduce, if we reproduce we can survive. We need inspiration to evolve new ideas to survive. A small drip of water can grow into a mighty ocean, a small drip of inspiration can grow into a forceful waterfall of words.

Do not expect this site to be coherent in any way, as I have no idea how to set it up. The writing and photos are all here somewhere, but as for being in the right format, well that has so far eluded me. If you can help please leave an email, in the meantime happy hunting! Constructive criticism always welcome!

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